Ase Productions is now casting for a new pilot series.

Paid roles. SAG / AFTRA preferred, but open to all. Includes IMDb credit, food and demo for reel. Auditions will be held in Washington,DC.  Local talent preferred (actor’s responsible for their own transportation if coming from outside the DC area).

Review the character description below.  To be considered for an audition, please send the following information to with the name of the character in the subject line.

  •  headshot
  • actor’s resume
  • link to reel (or link to your website with your reel)
  • contact information (phone number)

 Please be sure to include all the required information in your email.  

Submissions without all required information will not be considered.

Character Bible

MISS JOSEPHINE. (African American Woman, 50s – 70s) Voo Doo Mambo, Wise, Grandma type.

Mr. FOX. (Caucasian Male, 30s to 40s) Gleefully evil demon using a human body to disguise himself as a businessman. Sarcastic, Sadistic. Cunning. Arrogant.

WALLACE. (African American Male, 30s to 40s) Jaded Cynical Journalist type with a mysterious past. Dry humor. Reluctant Do Gooder. Has a thing for Taco Bell.

JAMAI. (African American Woman, late 20s) Miss Josephine’s apprentice. Smart. Regal. Serious. (role requires some scenes with contact lens prothesis)

WINSTON. (African American Male, 30s to 40s) Lawyer, Corporate type, Bourgie, Condescending.

BRAD. (Caucasian Male or Woman, 20s to 30s) Tone deaf, Patronizing, SJW Blogger,

MICHAEL. (African American Male, 30s – 40s) Model type, romantic interest.

ALLY. (African American Woman, 30s) – The best friend of the main character.

The APPARITION. (Caucasian Woman, 20s – 40s) Featured as a Vengeful Spirit. Light make up required.