Filmmaker Services

MBS Films develops and produces feature films, feature documentaries and shorts (feature & documentary . We develop our own, as well as third party projects, and work closely with directors and screenwriters.
We collaborate with other producers and productions companies and offer a range of development and production related services to the industry:
Editing Facility
Book time at our film house to edit your project.  The Harlem Film House offers Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, DiVicci Lite and more. Use one or all of our editing stations  (2 iMac 27inch, Mac Pro & 46 inch monitor) for short or long term projects.
Focus Group
Have Harlem Film House arrange a focus group for your project before you submit to a film festival or for financing.  We bring in different demographics to view your film, survey participants and provide you a film study to help you with marketing and financing.
Pop Up Studio
Rent out the Harlem Film House Pop Up Studio for a quick shoot or interview session with your documentary subjects.  The space is 1200 square feet.  Bring your materials (green screen, backdrops etc..) and create your narrative.
Audition / Table Reads Space
Book the Harlem Film House to hold your auditions, call backs, table reads, meet-ups and more.  Budget friendly and private, with full amenities and located a block away from all major transportation hubs and the best gourmet cuisine in the city.
Script Development 
We believe that the screenplay is both the foundation and the most important part of any project. We take great care in building and growing the projects we develop, or help others to develop.
Our development process is designed to maximise a project’s creative and commercial potential, before it goes into production. We believe that the development phase is often neglected in independent production, and that this is the number one cause for most commercial and artistic failures among indie projects.
Our development group provides feedback and analysis, for both our in-house as well as selected third party projects.
Project Development 
 If a script comes with major attachments (director, cast, part finance), it is considered a project, rather than just a screenplay. But the development process usually continues, until the project is greenlit and ready for production.
We provide advice for producers and production companies at this stage, and have worked with both US and international projects, helping them optimize their film for the American market.
Production & Location Support 
 If you are based on the East Coast – MBS Films can act as your local production partner when shooting in New York or on the East Coast.
We have provided production services for projects large and small, and are happy to let you profit from our local know-how and expertise.
We can arrange everything from budgets to permits, from crews and locations to post production facilities. Our longstanding relationships with vendors and personnel will get you the best New York and the East Coast have to offer, at very competitive prices.
New state and local tax incentives in New York, as well as many other US states and cities make producing in the US more attractive than ever. As local production partners, we can provide you with easy ways to tap into a wide variety of available finance incentives.
Finishing & Marketing 
Many independent producers find that the work is far from over once a movie is shot, and that having finished a project does not guarantee it can also be sold.
We can guide you through the process and help to create a professional delivery package that will greatly enhance the chances of finding the right domestic and international buyers for your project.
We have relationships with festivals, international sales companies and domestic distributors. We do not act as sales agents but can help you set up a targeted and cost effective campaign to market your project and successfully introduce it to the industry.